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O Green Day Brasil publicou nesta quarta-feira (14) um vídeo onde o baterista do Rancid, Branden Steineckert, é convidado por Tré Cool para assumir a bateria do Green Day durante show em Luxemburgo.

Em turnê europeia, o GD tem o Rancid como seu show de abertura e, durante a apresentação na cidade, o músico teve a oportunidade de tocar um pouco com a banda de punk rock. Veja abaixo:

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Brander ainda publicou em seu Instagram uma foto e um vídeo do momento que marcaram não só sua vida profissional, como pessoal. Na legenda, ele revelou que foi um dos melhores momentos que já viveu e ainda deixou uma espécie de carta para ele mesmo com 16 anos. “Permaneça forte, aprenda a amar a si mesmo, siga seu coração e vá em frente! Eu prometo, vai valer a pena!”

Last night was a bucket list experience to say the least!! Here I am on stage with Green Day… I was watching the show side stage like I have every night of this tour. As they started playing their Op Ivy cover of "Knowledge" Tre's drum tech and some of the crew guys were waving for me to come on stage. I was so confused! So I ducked down and ran up the back behind Tre's drums. His tech Nathaniel handed me a pair of sticks and said "Tre wants you to play!" ……..what??!? Hahaha I was instantly terrified and overwhelmed with excitement!! I look up and Tre was motioning for me to come up. So I climbed up on the drum riser and reached in, started hitting the snare with Tre to maintain the beat… Keep in mind that this is all while the song was being played and Billie Joe was grabbing a kid from the crowd to come play guitar. Tre slipped out and I jumped in. I don't think we even missed a beat. Hahaha! But holy shit… I'm on stage playing Tre Cools drums with Green Day!!!!! WTF?!?? Tre joined in with a bit of tambourine and shenanigans by me. Hahaha it's a super chill part played simple and quiet so Billie can show the kid the guitar part. The little guy nailed it too!! He was probably 11yrs old. It was awesome!!!! I love this photo so much that @rosewrightphotos captured! I still can't believe it. Seriously… go back to Utah around 1994 and tell that depressed, suicidal, poor punk skater kid that one day he'd be on stage covering Op Ivy with Green Day while on tour together as a member of Rancid…. get the fuck out of here! Haha! I never in a million years would believe that. No way. But…. here I am, and last night this happened. This rollercoaster ride of life continues to blow my mind. I'm so grateful for the good times and embrace them dearly. Because there have been more than enough bad times. So grateful! Thank you so much @trecool @billiejoearmstrong @mikedirnt @greenday @jw_gd @jeffmatika @therealjasonfreese @mnnesotagirl @bubukittyfk #LoveAndRespect #RevRad #RancidGreenDayEuroSummerTour2017

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Footage from last night along with a letter to my 16yr old self: Dear Branden, I know things seem pretty hopeless right now. I know you miss your dad. I know you decided to take up drums to follow in his footsteps & it's frustrating because it feels like you just aren't cut out for it. I know you've struggled to learn. But don't stop trying! Keep listening to the @greenday albums you bought after panhandling at the record store, the Rancid albums @brianpatchett has on repeat every day to/from that secondary high school & when you skate because they make you feel like you have a place in this world, not just an outcast! Embrace those Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against The Machine & Nirvana albums that you try to play drums to. Even though you're playing them wrong, just keep hitting your drums as hard as you can until your hands bleed, screaming with tears running down your face. This feels like pain, but it's therapy! This is your drug to take away life's pain. I know life at home is quite depressing, money & food are rarities, while violence & contention seem to be the only thing there's an abundance of. I know you consider suicide and hurting yourself often… hang in there kiddo!!! Bash those drums, create unrealistic dreams that seem impossible! Never ever give up! Because one day it'll be worth all the pain you endured. I can't promise you'll be the best at what you do. But you'll accomplish those unrealistic dreams & more! If you just hang in there.. maybe you'll be the first rock band ever signed out of Utah! Maybe you'll end up in one of your favorite bands! …and just maybe you'll be in that band touring with one of your all time favorite bands and get to play a song on stage with them!! But you'll never know if you give up now. So stay strong. Learn to love yourself. Follow your heart & go for it! I promise it'll be worth it! Love, 39yr old Branden *Playing Op Ivy's "Knowledge" with Green Day last night in Luxembourg. (Edited to 1min) This part of the song is simple & quiet while @billiejoearmstrong pulls a kid from the crowd to play guitar. Then @trecool grabs the camera to film us. Absolutely surreal moment of my life! I'll never forget it.

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O Green Day deve trazer a sua turnê para a América Latina. Durante a participação da banda em um programa americano, eles deixaram escapar (e praticamente confirmar) que haverá shows ainda este ano em nosso país.

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