Passenger: Videoclipe de “Rosie” exala fofura com gatinhos

Foi divulgado no último domingo (12) o novo videoclipe oficial de “Rosie”, do Passenger, em seu canal oficial do YouTube.

Com uma participação mais do que especial dos gatinhos Rosie e Charlie, o clipe consegue deixar o coração de qualquer um quentinho com tanta fofura. Em seu Instagram, o cantor e compositor inglês agradeceu os fãs e falou um pouco mais sobre o novo videoclipe.

Para dizer obrigado, aqui está possivelmente o vídeo mais bobo e definitivamente o mais adorável que já lançamos“, diz um trecho da publicação. Confira:

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Hey everyone ! Hope you’ve had a great week :-) My new album “sometimes its something , sometimes its nothing at all” has been out for just over a week and I have to say I’ve been bowled over by the response ….. so many lovely messages flooding through and some amazing support from @spotify and @applemusic too … thanks so much guys !!! Because of you lot shouting about it and sharing it around , We’ve now totally paid off all of the recording and manufacturing costs so from now until the end of time,  every penny from every sale and stream goes directly to @sheltercharity and the incredibly important services that they provide . You guys are the best – thank you so much for getting behind this one :-) If you haven’t got yours yet then head over to To say thank you , here is possibly the silliest and definitely the most adorable video we’ve ever released …. We have two cats – Rosie and Charlie . They’re brother and sister and are two years old now but when we got them they were tiny kittens . A few days before we were due to collect them , little Charlie got in to an ill fated play fight with another kitten and unfortunately lost an eye ( please don’t feel too sorry for him – he’s got a pretty wonderful little life ! ) As Charlie needed an operation , we ended up collecting Rosie a few days earlier than him . Understandably she was pretty freaked out to suddenly be with new people in a new place and away from her mum and brother :-( and to make matters worse there was an enormous thunderstorm for the first couple of nights that she was with us …. She spent most of the first 48 hours under our bed …. I didn’t know what to do so I tried to sing to her to calm her down . Not sure if it worked but I ended up writing this song . The video is just a load of our personal phone footage , tracking them from our first meeting to present day – lovingly edited together by the tireless @jarradseng . As always , please share this around as much as you can … even if you don’t like the song , everyone loves kittens :-) Thanks so much for taking the time to read and watch and listen . Loads of love , Mike x (full clip on You Tube, link in stories)


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O single “Rosie” faz parte do novo projeto do músico que foi lançado no início de maio. “Sometimes It’s Something, Sometimes It’s Nothing At All” é o décimo álbum de estúdio dele, contendo 10 faixas inéditas.

O NM chegou a entrevistar o cantor em fevereiro e você pode conferir essa entrevista exclusiva clicando aqui.


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